Collaborative Divorce
Lawyers Association

of Greater Hartford, Connecticut

Why collaborative divorce?


Although the traditional adversarial litigation model works well in some areas of the law, zealous advocacy can produce profound detrimental side effects in family law cases. Full-scale adversarial representation can require tactics that are destructive when employed in divorce cases, especially when children are involved. When contested divorces are fought as battles to be won, there can be no real winners. The negative impact can have long-term repercussions because a divorced couple has a relationship that continues after the litigation.

The lawyers who are members of the Collaborative Divorce Lawyers Association have been specially trained to work together in a type of mediation known as "collaborative divorce." The group has participated in additional advanced trainings and the members meet periodically to discuss the process and to mentor each other. The members are attorneys who are experienced practitioners who focus their practices in family law.

If you come to the difficult decision that divorce is necessary, read About Collaboration to see how this process can benefit your family.


The CDLA is a network of specially trained attorneys in the Greater Hartford Connecticut area who are committed to representing individuals in a non-adversarial divorce process.